August 21, 2019

Set your Mind in the Right Direction to Ace your Next Job Interview

Do you agree that doing the grind for a job interview can be exhaustive especially if you’ve done it for quite a while with no promising results? It’s easy to get discouraged after just a few of that. Oftentimes you tend to blame yourself for something you believe you are doing wrong. Then again, you know you can’t stop going for an interview because that’s the only way to get a job.

Set your mind straight

The right mindset is just what you need. You’ve got to learn how to lift yourself up even if you feel like nothing is happening. Look for inspiration and focus on that. For instance, think of the many challenges you once had in your career and how you overcame that. These thoughts would help you encourage or convince your interviewer how well you can do the same in their company once hired. Another is focusing on the reward of getting the job or that promise of higher salary.

Believe in yourself

Unless you feel this way about yourself you won’t have the guts to apply for the best jobs out there. You’ll be surprised that some hiring managers hire applicants even if they are short of skills for the job because they show the enthusiasm to learn on board and show a great personality that will make him a good team player. So even if it’s true that you’re short of one or two skills, try anyway. Don’t think of it as a waste of your time because you can always learn from the experience, and experience is priceless.

Learn to fight your battle

Going for a job interview is a battle if you’d really think about it; otherwise why feel nervous or anxious every single time you’re seated in that interviewee chair. Knowing that this is so will force you to prepare for it and arm yourself with the right knowledge on how to pass it. That said, you should at least know:

  • The background of the company you are applying for
  • The “pain” of the company or department you will work in and highlight the “solution” you are going to contribute to solve the problem
  • The business that the company conducts. Knowing the target customer of the company will allow you contribute for more challenging work beyond what you just applied for – and the hiring manager will feel this about you

Practice! Practice! Practice!

By anticipating what your interviewer will ask and how you will answer will give you an advantage already. You can easily refer to your own collective experience for these. Nothing frustrates the interviewer more than an applicant who came in for interview unprepared. A job interview is time consuming to him as much as it is to you, so helping him save time by giving the right answers to his questions may just earn you 5 stars in his card.

Display a sense of professionalism

Unless you’re an individual with a hyperactive personality you would need to keep your body and yes, tongue language too, in check. Be professional. Dress up well showing less skin as much as possible, light fragrance only, hair neatly combed, no tapping fingers on the table, no chair swiveling, no too much leaning forward that show a sign of desperation and the maintain the classic eye contact. Avoid being too casual with your interviewer even if he is to you; sometimes thus is just their way of making you feel comfortable. Always play safe with the words you speak and pause a little before each reply.

Remember to keep a good attitude with a smile. This may somehow provide an air of mystery to your interviewer, and who knows, you might just get that job!